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Dental work and implants are expensive:

Everywhere in Europe, Australia and the USA you can find highly qualified dentists and implant surgeons, who offer high grade dental prosthesis made by experienced technicians using only the best materials.

Because of the state of the market in the Western world (high rents, salaries, taxes, etc.) these quality products get more and more expensive, although the costs for the materials like gold, ceramic, etc. take only a fraction of the costs.

Private and Government insurances pay less and less:

The insurances in Europe pay only for very simple dental prosthesis; many of them don’t pay for any dental work at all.

We offer high quality dental prosthesis and implants for less than half price:

You need implants or dental prosthesis, but the prices are too high?

Also for us, this situation was frustrating. We have decades of job experience and further education and we use only the latest equipment and materials.

Our goal has always been offering our patients only the best dental practice on the highest standard of medical science, but we had to realize, that many of our patients cannot afford it.

Do it like the large concerns:

As already mentioned, in Europe most of the costs are taxes, salaries, rent, ..etc.; the materials cause just a fraction of the costs. Big companies and large concerns realized that long time ago and moved their production facilities to cheaper countries.

Thai prices – German quality:

Therefore we founded a second clinic and laboratory in Thailand and imported our complete equipment and all the instruments and materials from Germany. You can save between 50 and 70% of the total costs compared to Europe.

Our worldwide unique constellation:

  • Dental prosthesis and implants by the only German dentist and Implant Expert in Pattaya and surrounds.
  • We use only materials (gold, ceramics, composites, ..etc.) imported from Germany , which
    are liable to the to European MPL (medicine product law) (in Germany MPG; Medizin Produkte Gesetz) and therefore are no risk for your health.
  • The clinic and the dental laboratory are equipped exclusively with German equipment, which underlies the German law for medical equipment (MedGv, medizinische Geräteverordnung).
  • Sterilization of all Instruments is according to German Standards.
  • Our modern X-ray has the lowest possible exposure to radiation.
  • Our main clinic in Munich, Germany takes over a four year guarantee for all our dental work.
  • You will receive an invoice according to western insurances including a guarantee certificate.

Hence you have the possibility of a complete refund of expenses back home. You will feel like being treated in a modern German dental clinic. The difference is, you are in Thailand and you pay just a fraction of the price!

How it works?

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