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Implantology is one of the most exciting developments of modern dentistry.

For the first time in history it is possible to replace almost any lost tooth with an artificial root.On the Implant market there are leading companies with decades of experience, high class products and branches all around the world; but unfortunately also producers of cheap low quality implants.

Implants work like a building kit. For example: If you have an implant with a single crown on it and a change of your dental situation should occur afterwards (tooth loss) the same implant can be used even years later to place a bridge or even a telescope denture on it after changing one or two parts of it.

Low quality implants pose two kinds of possible problems:

  1. Sometimes the bone does not heal because of their low quality, which may even cause life endangering infections.
  2. Or there are no “spare parts” available, because the company does not exist any longer, which also may lead to massive problems.

I have provided implant surgery for more than 20 years. After a long time of experience and lots of further education, I was awarded with the title “Geprüfter Experte der Implantologie” (examined expert of implantology) by the DGOI (German association for oral implantology) and with the title “Diplomate of Implantology” by the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

I use exclusively high quality implants from leading producers.


Implants are made of titanium. They are inserted in the bone and after a healing period of 6 up to 12 weeks a prosthodontic application (crowns, bridges, dentures) is placed on.The advantages are that:

  1. In case of a single gap (only one tooth missing) there is no need to drill into the teeth next to the gap.
  2. In case of a free end situation (when the teeth on the left or right posterior part are missing) we can avoid a partial denture and
  3. In case of edentia (all teeth are missing), we can extremely improve the retention of a full denture or even avoid one.

For a better understanding, I have asked a few of my patients to describe their experiences with their own words:

  1. Andrea B., 68 years: “I had full dentures in both jaws for a long time without any problems. But in recent years retention became worse […]“ » Get further information.
  2. Hans F., 48 years: „I had periodontal problems and my lower cheek teeth became loose and had to be extracted. And then the problems started […]“ » Get further information.
  3. Horst M., 62 years: „I always had good teeth; I am almost 50 and have just a few fillings and no crowns. I was very proud about that […]“ » Get further information.


(one implant including surgery and one ceramic crown, as for Mr. Hans F. )


approx. 2.600,-  /  2.800,- € (total costs)


Deutsche Dental Clinic:

70.000,- Baht  (total costs)

You will get a high quality implant from a leading producer including all parts and a ceramic crown, which was produced under the aspects of functional analysis (see Crown production).