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Telescope Denture

In case of large gaps or missing teeth in the lateral area of the jaw, a so called free end situation, I suggest telescope dentures.

telescope denturestelescope denturestelescope dentures

First primary crowns are fixed on the remaining teeth. The secondary crowns are fixed in the denture.

telescope dentures telescope dentures telescope dentures

When the telescope denture is put on the primary crowns, they slide into the secondary crowns,which are fixed in the denture and fit with high precision, which results in a very stabile retention, much better than any clasp denture.

We call it a telescope denture because primary and secondary crowns slide in each other like the parts of a telescope. The big advantage is, that the patient will never need a new denture again.

In case of tooth loss, we simply put a little amount of acrylic resin in the corresponding secondary crown. Other denture systems require a complete new construction in such a case.

telescope denturestelescope dentures
telescope denturestelescope dentures

Because of a few unpleasant and painful experiences, this patient had not seen a dentist for years. As he told me later, he lived very lonely and had almost no social contacts, because of his ugly dental situation. As his toothache became more and more unbearable, he had no other choice than getting a dental treatment.

He told me, that he only wanted a pain-relief. After the treatment, I suggested a second consultation. Together with my dental technician, we explained the different possibilities of modern dentistry and suggested a telescope denture. I had to promise, that the treatment will be almost painless and finally he agreed.

About two weeks later he had a bright smile again. As he told me later, his life has completely changed and he has become a person full of the joys of life.

For me as a dentist, there is no higher compliment.


(one telescope denture including four teeth with telescope crowns)


€6.200,- (total costs)

Deutsche Dental Clinic:

100.000,- Baht  (total costs)