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5. After an implant operation normally there is a healing period, before the supraconstruction (crown, bridge, prostheses, etc.) can be fixed on the implants. Do I have to come to Thailand twice?

In most cases it is necessary to wait a couple of weeks or months after the implant surgery, before the supraconstruction can be fixed. The length of the healing period depends on different factors like bone quality or the kind of the planned supraconstruction. Therefore, a longer stay in Thailand or a second journey may be required.
You can also get your implant surgery in the Dental Clinic of Dr. Ramin Yachkaschi in Munich. But the production and fixation of the supraconstruction has to take place in Thailand, as our dental lab is located here. The design and manufacturing of implant supraconstructions are extremely complicated processes and require a close cooperation between dentist and dental technician.

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