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Dr.Ramin Yachkaschi

Born: 1965 in Germany

Dr.Ramin YachkaschiDr.Ramin Yachkaschi


  • Mother: E. M. Yachkaschi, graphic designer
  • Father: Prof. Dr. A. Yachkaschi, university professor


  • 1984 – 1990: student of medicine and dentistry in Göttingen/Germany
  • 1990: dental exam (Germany)
  • 1991: dentist in the German army (Bundeswehr) (rank: Major)
  • 1992: Ph.D
  • Since 1992: I run my own dental practice in Munich, Germany
  • Member of the DGOI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie)
  • Member of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists)
  • Member of the DGZI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Implantologie)
  • Member of the DGP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie)
  • Member of the DGZMK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde)
  • 2004: Expert of Implantology (DGOI, Germany)
  • 2004: Diplomate of the ICOI (USA)
  • 2010: Dental Board Exam (Thailand)

In the year 2010 I passed the Thai dental board exam as the first foreigner.

Therefore I am the only German dentist, who has the permission to examine, consult and treat patients in his own clinic.

Awards and diploma

Dr.Ramin Yachkaschi ZertifikatDr.Ramin Yachkaschi Zertifikat

Leisure activities

Although I love my profession, there is more in life than just dentistry.

Dr.Ramin Yachkaschi on TV Dr.Ramin Yachkaschi

Dr.Ramin Yachkaschi Dr.Ramin Yachkaschi

I used to be an active skydiver, had a few jobs as a model and played minor parts in small TV productions as in the famous German television film K 11.

Today I scuba dive regularly, travel a lot and support charity organizations in Thailand.

Ramin Yachkaschi

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