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Composite Fillings

Composite filling is a high quality as well as very gentle filling therapy, which is more beneficial than amalgam or simple white resin fillings.

Composites can be used in the front teeth area as well as in the molar area. They are made in the same colour of your teeth and are very durable.

Often we can avoid much more expensive crowns.


This patient had simple resin fillings in the cervical area of some of her teeth, which did not fit to her tooth colour. The result was more caries around the fillings after just a few years. After we filled them with composites, the massive defects almost disappeared.


Here you can compare an amalgam filling with a composite filling While the amalgam filling shows cracks between the filling and the tooth, the border between the composite and the tooth is almost invisible.


This customer was discontented with his upper front teeth,, because they were worn and had caries in the cervical area.

A dental technician had suggested him to get all his teeth crowned, which made him a little suspicious. Hence he came to the Deutsche Dental Clinic for a second opinion.

As you can see, we filled three teeth on his upper right side with composites first. Therefore we had to drill them just for a few seconds which required just a minimal loss of tooth material.

In case of crowns we would have had to drill much deeper and the customer would have to pay a much higher price. After the patient was convinced of the high quality and aesthetics of composites, he agreed to get his other teeth filled with composites as well.



€120,- up to 200,- per filling


Deutsche Dental Clinic:

Baht 1.500,- per filling