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If teeth have large fillings or insufficient crowns, I suggest ceramic crowns.

This patient got crowns a couple of years ago. It is obvious, that the dental technician was not sufficiently experienced with ceramic, as the crowns look very artificial and not aesthetic.

The use of low quality products and a suboptimal drill technique of the dentist had resulted in a gingival shrinkage, so the dark edge of the crowns became visible.

crowns crowns

After a periodontal treatment and a new preparation of the teeth with special instruments, we could fix perfectly aesthetical crowns.

Due to my further education in periodontology and gingival surgery, I was able to repair the damage and thanks to the long job experience with ceramics of my dental technician, we could produce perfectly aesthetical perfect and natural looking teeth.

The result speaks for itself.

crowns crowns


(one crown with full ceramic enamel)


€1.200,- (total costs)

Deutsche Dental Clinic:

12.000,- Baht (total costs)