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Telescope Denture

On this page I would like to introduce one of our specialities:

The Telescopic Denture

In case of large gaps or missing teeth in the lateral area of the jaw, a so called free end situation, the standard dental care is a partial denture.

This kind of denture is normally attached to the remaining teeth by clasps, has an uncomfortable palatal or lingual bar and not a really stabile retention, resulting in movements of the denture while eating or speaking and food impaction under it.

In case of total tooth loss (edentia) the only solution is a full denture.

In the upper jaw the full denture is only attached by suction; therefore the denture must cover the whole palate, which may lead to gag reflex and dysgeusia (loss of taste).

In the lower jaw a full denture has always a U shape because of the tongue; therefore there is almost no suction function, which leads to an even worse retention

An ideal solution is our speciality, the Telescopic Denture

It can be attached to even a few remaining teeth or – in case of edentia – to implants.

The first step is the production of the primary crowns in a parallel milling machine, so that they are all parallel to each other.

The second step is the production of the secondary crowns, which are connected with the denture and fit precisely on the primary crowns resulting in an extreme strong retention.

After the primary crowns have been glued on the remaining teeth, the telescopic denture can be inserted.

The secondary crowns slide on the primary crowns with high precision; when the denture is completely inserted, no metal can be seen.

In most cases the telescopic denture can be produced without any annoying palatal or lingual bar, has a significant better retention as any partial or full denture and is therefore almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

The telescopic denture is very easy to maintain: In case of tooth loss the denture can be easily adapted without the necessity to produce a new denture, as it might happen with other types of dentures.

Besides any necessary repair works will take place outside the mouth.

As already mentioned in case of edentia a telescopic denture can also be inserted on implants:

This patient was very unhappy with her full dentures. The attachment was very poor, they often fell out while eating or chewing and were worn-out over the years.

After the insertion of 4 implants per jaw, the telescopic dentures were manufactured.

Later the patient told me, that she is feeling like a complete new person, since she got the telescopic dentures:

She can speak and eat as if she has natural teeth, her appearance has improved dramatically and her zest for life has fully recovered.

For me as a dentist there is no bigger compliment.


(one telescope denture including four teeth with telescope crowns)


€6.200,- (total costs)

Deutsche Dental Clinic:

100.000,- Baht  (total costs)

(this price refers to telescope crowns on teeth, not implants)