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6. I had an implant operation in another clinic. Can I get the supraconstruction in the Deutsche Dental Clinic?

Both the implant surgery and the construction and fixation of the supraconstruction (crown, bridge, prostheses) on the implants require many different instruments and system components.

Worldwide, there are more than 1000 different implant manufacturers and every implant systems has its own tools and components. Therefore, it is not possible to work on the implants of manufacturer A with the tools or system components of manufacturer B.
Hence, it is necessary, that you inform us about the manufacturer and the type of your implants in advance.

We use implants from the manufacturer STRAUMANN. (the STRAUMANN company is the leading manufacturer in Europe, places second in the USA and has branches worldwide.) If your implants are from STRAUMANN, we will definitely be able to help you.
If your dentist has used implants from another manufacturer, we will only be able to produce the supraconstruction, if you bring all the required tools and system components with you.

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