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8. What rights do I have as a patient in Thailand?

The Dental Council of Thailand is the responsible authority for all issues of the dentists in Thailand such as education, licensing, certification of dental clinics, surveillance of the hygiene management and also the patient’s rights.

Following documents must be put up in every dental clinic: the certificate of the clinic, a list of all offered services and prices, the declaration of patients‘ rights and the license of the dentist which includes his picture, first and family name and his license number.

The Thai Dental Association’s professional code of conduct clearly states that only licensed dentists are allowed to treat patients. The dental treatment does not only include the treatment of the teeth of the patients but also the examination, radiological examination, diagnosis, consultation and the treatment plan. If any of these activities is performed by a person who is not a licensed dentist in Thailand, this person will be prosecuted with penalty and imprisonment. In case of suspicion patients have the right to report to the Dental Council of Thailand:

Website: www.dentalcouncil.or.th         Phone number: 02-951 0420- 2

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