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Andrea B., 68 years

„I had full dentures in both jaws for a long time without any problems.

But in recent years retention became worse and they had to be underlined many times, because my jaw bone was not good anymore. The upper denture still has some retention because of the suction on my palate but the lower one had no retention at all. Even the adherent paste did not help anymore.

Before eating, I had to cut my food into small pieces. My dentist suggested implants but my health insurance didn’t want to pay for it, though I could not eat well anymore and had to see my doctor many times because of stomach problems. Because of my small pension I couldn’t afford it. Due to mild weather and low costs, I spend each winter in Thailand and so I decided to get the treatment.

I saved more than 50% of the costs, although I even got German implants. The surgery was absolutely painless. A couple of weeks later, I was able to chew again, even a carrot was no problem. My lower denture fits tight and does not move at all. Today I can’t imagine anymore how I could live without it.“

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