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Hans F., 48 years

"I always had good teeth; I am almost 50 and have just a few fillings and no crowns.

I was very proud about that and always took good care of my teeth. Then it happened: One of these pick up taxis ignored the right of way and I fell from my motor bike directly on the street. I wore one of these helmets, which are open in the front area and so my face was not protected and I lost my upper right lateral incisor tooth. Some dental technician suggested a bridge but I didn’t agree because two of my healthy teeth had to be drilled in this case. Dr. Ramin Yachkaschi told me everything about implants.

Just a few days after the accident, the implant was inserted and six weeks later a crown was put on it. In the meantime I had a small denture with a single tooth. And the best is: My new crown looks exactly like the one I had lost and feels like it too. My Thai wife, who witnessed the accident is still wondering, how it could be, that a new tooth grew in her Farangs mouth again."


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