Horst M., 62 years

"I had periodontal problems and my lower cheek teeth became loose and had to be extracted.

And then the problems started. I could not chew anymore. I even asked for implants, because I had read about them, but my dentist didn’t do implant surgery. He told me, that implants were very painful and not good and would be lost soon. So I got a partial denture, which was fixed on my front teeth with clasps. It was horrible. I was choking all the time and there was always some food sticking under it. Finally I didn’t wear it at all.

Dr. Ramin Yachkaschi inserted two implants in my lower jaw, one in each side. The surgery took only one hour and after one month I got two bridges, which were fixed permanently on one implant and two teeth on each side of my lower jaw. I can’t feel any difference to the teeth I had before, they feel great."


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